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Audiological Evaluations

Our comprehensive hearing evaluations include a series of tests that are dependent on the patients age, symptoms and medical history and are used to determine the type and severity of hearing loss. An audiologist will perform pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, bone conduction, tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, otoacoustic emissions and more. We are able to assess patients of all ages; from newborn to the elderly.

Hearing Aid Assessments and Fittings

The best solution for the majority of individuals diagnosed with hearing loss is hearing aids. Hearing aid technology has improved significantly over the past several years in both performance and appearance. Hearing aid selection accounts for the individuals hearing loss and unique lifestyle needs.

Industrial Hearing Screening Programs

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing loss and can be fully preventable when the proper precautions are taken. Individuals subjected to noise over 85 dBA are at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss and regular hearing screenings should be obtained. An industrial hearing screening is a shortened version of a hearing evaluation and can evaluate and monitor any signs of hearing loss as the result of noise exposure.

Custom Hearing Protection

Solid and filtered earplugs to reduce occupational and recreational noise exposure, floatable swimmer earplugs to prevent outer ear infections and water draining through myringotomy tubes, as well as sleeping earplugs to help you sleep at night are a few of the many types of hearing protection options we offer at our clinic.

Tinnitus Assessment and Management

Tinnitus, also described as “ringing in the ears” is the medical term for the sensation of hearing sound in your ears or head when no external sound if present. Tinnitus is commonly mistaken as a condition or a disease. However, it is a symptom and is likely the result of something bigger such as hearing loss, high blood pressure or certain medications.

Cerumen Management

Manual removal of cerumen management using video otoscopy is a very safe and effective way of removing minor ear wax. If we are unable to fully remove the cerumen that is present we provide education, counselling and recommendations to take the next steps to have it removed and to prevent the accumulation of cerumen in the future.

About RHS

Regina Hearing Services Inc. was founded by Lisa Richardson in 1986 and has been serving the hearing health care needs of southern Saskatchewan. 

The Regina Hearing Services clinical team consists of three licensed, certified audiologists. They provide comprehensive audiometric evaluations and offer state of the art hearing devices that are selected to fit individualized hearing needs.  

Our commitment to better hearing is enhanced with an extensive line of products that have proven themselves to be on the leading edge of hearing technology. Our goal is to help you select the best solution for your hearing level based on your hearing loss and unique lifestyle needs.  

Our expert staff will provide you with the level of service and expertise you’d expect from an experienced hearing professional. 

Our Team

Lisa Richardson - M.S. CCC-A ( c ) Audiologist

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Pathology and a Masters Degree of Audiology. Lisa is a founding member of the Canadian Academy of Audiology – established in 1998-1999. Lisa was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation in Honor of Efforts to advance the progression of Audiology in the Province of Saskatchewan – 2001.

Lindsay Ledingham - M.Sc.Aud. ( c ) Audiologist

Lindsay completed her Masters of Science degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She also has completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of Regina. During her time at the University of Regina she was an academic All-Canadian and Canada-West All Star while playing for the Cougars Women’s Basketball team.

Emma Tallman - M.Sc.Aud. ( c ) Audiologist

Emma completed her Masters of Clinical Science in Audiology at Western University. Before moving to London ON to obtain her Masters, Emma completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Regina.

Carla Moore - Client Servicve Administrator

Carla has been a part of the Regina Hearing Services team for 19 years. She enjoys working with such a wonderful group of professionals who make a huge difference in people’s lives. When she is not at work Carla enjoys travelling, taking a walk around the lake or fishing at the cabin.

Kim Olynick - Client Service Administrator

Kim grew up in Regina. She is currently raising her three children. After working in childcare for nearly 20 years, she joined the Regina Hearing Services team in March 2016.

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