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Hearing protection

Custom fit earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments
At our clinic our professionals will determine the degree of protection that is right for you.

Custom Earplugs are available for:

  • Industrial protection from noise exposure
  • Hunters
  • Swimming
  • Sleeping
  • Musician

We offer a range of products designed to protect the hearing of individuals who are exposed to noisy industrial, professional and recreational situations.


Daily exposure to noise directly affects your risk of hearing damage.
Scientists measure daily exposure to noise by combining the noise level and the length of exposure time to a particular noise.

What’s your daily exposure to noise?

140 dB Gunshot, Jet Engine at takeoff (immediate danger to hearing.
125 dB Air Raid Siren, Firecracker (pain threshold)
120 dB Rock Concert, Sandblasting (risk of hearing damage in 7 minutes)
115 dB Baby’s cry, Jet ski
110 dB Snowmobile from Driver’s seat
105 dB Jackhammer, Helicopter (risk of hearing damage in one hour)
100 dB Chain saw, Stereo headphones (risk of hearing damage in 12 hours)
95 dB Motorcycle, Power Saw (risk of hearing damage in 4 hours)
90 dB Lawnmower, Truck Traffic(risk of hearing damage in 8 hours)
85 dB Beginning of Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
70 dB Busy Traffic, Vaccum Cleaner
60 dB Conversation, Dishwasher
40 dB Quiet Room

dB SPL is a measurement of sound pressure level in decibels.

Noise induced hearing loss cannot only occur by being exposed to 85dB for 8 hours a day, but also occurs quicker as the intensity increases. For example, at 110dB an individual can only be exposed for 30 minutes before suffering damage. (i.e. An air horn, depending on the distance would be at least that loud and potentially ranging upwards to 120dB. Exposure time is now reduced to less then 15 minutes).
One cannot take into account one isolated noise. One has to consider all the noise levels together and each time one is exposed to 85dB, weakens the auditory system and hence the recovery periods vary.

Industrial screenings and management of hearing screening program

Noise induced hearing loss is a preventable problem; however, employee exposure to potentially harmful noise levels occurs in the workplace everyday.
Regina Hearing Services knows that starting and managing a Hearing Conservation Program can be a real challenge.

Whether you are a large or small company, we can help you . Our expertise can provide you with hearing screening s to establish baseline hearing levels through to providing reporting and recommendations to manage your Industrial Hearing Program into the future.
Our services also include automatic recall, making it easy for you to manage your program and ensure that you remain in compliance with OH&S standards.