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Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) affects 15-20% of the general population. Tinnitus can impact sleep patterns, communication, concentration, and work commitments to a degree that causes patients to seek medical attention. In some cases the cause of tinnitus can be identified and treated. In many cases the etiology is either unknown or cannot be treated. An example is tinnitus resulting from hazardous noise exposure.

Regina Hearing Services Inc. has a tinnitus management program for those patients for whom medical treatment is not indicated and who are having difficulty coping with their tinnitus. “LEARNING TO LIVE WITH IT” is often NOT a solution for many tinnitus sufferers.

Our program measures both the Objective and Subjective components of tinnitus and provides appropriate counseling and sound therapy.

The subjective component involves:

  • Extensive case history
  • Measuring the impact on daily life

The objective component involves:

  • Matching the frequency and intensity of the tinnitus
  • Masking the frequency and intensity of the tinnitus

The information is used to determine the most effective form of therapy:

  • Amplification devices
  • Tinnitus masking devices
  • Residual inhibition
  • Dynamic Tinnitus Mitigation (DTM)