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Identifying Hearing Loss

There is a common myth that goes something like, “If I had a hearing problem, I’d know about it.”
The fact is, usually not.

Hearing loss often develops unnoticeably over several years. Most people compensate for the very gradual changes by asking others to repeat, turn the TV up louder, or possibly even reading lips. Allowed to continue, these habits mistakenly make you believe there is no problem, or that it has gone away. Our team of professionals is trained to conduct a variety of tests necessary to determine the exact nature of an individual’s hearing loss. They can present treatment options to patients, and alert referring physicians if their patients’ hearing problems warrant medical or surgical intervention. Additionally, all audiologists with Regina Hearing Services Inc. have undergraduate degrees in communication disorders.

The majority of patients with hearing loss can be managed with hearing devices. Today’s digital technology utilizes computer chips to process sound and is considered the technology of choice. The digital processor allows manipulation of the sound signal to match the patients’ hearing loss. Digital processors have the capability to provide features such as noise reduction, automatic feedback management, multiple memories, and automatic volume adjustment.

The primary objective of fitting hearing aids is to improve the patient’s ability to understand speech. Secondary objectives are to improve audibility of important environmental sounds, such as workplace sounds and music.